Stewart Thompson

Stewart Thompson

Our Process  

Stewart Thompson Photography is an independent company based in fife, Scotland. I offer a range of services including studio and location work, all projects start with a consultation online or in person where we can sit down and run through your idea and how I can help. After coming up with a plan that suits your project we arrange dates for shoots and deadlines for images. After the shoot is finished images are retouched this is done with your input and feedback to ensure the image is just right. once the image(s) are complete they are delivered through Pricing is on request but there is a general outline of rates on the Services page just drop me an email or call and leave a message for a free no obligation estimate. 

About The Photographer

I started in photography by photographing nature and school events, learning very quickly that it isn't simply a case of point and click. This realisation and my desire to see what my camera was capable of fuelled me to research and learn the technical side of photography. After two years of teaching myself through books and the internet I decided to take my first big step and enrolled at college where I got my first taste for studio photography.

I constantly strive to create both simple but also beautiful images. My client’s vision guides the entire process though I will always provide advice to ensure the success of the image.

Besides Photography I have two other big passions in my life, All things technology and of course my dog Logan  

If you are interested in a shoot or would like to discuss an idea you have please get in touch on my contact page.