The 5 benefits of professional photography for businesses

Businesses can benefit greatly from professional photography, it can not only improve your business's image but also help your business acquire new customers. I'll be the first to say that professional Photography is not cheap especially in the commercial space, this expense puts off a lot of small and medium-sized businesses, but it shouldn't. Here is a list of 5 reasons your business should be using professional photography.


1. Multiple uses 

You may have heard the phrase "content is king" this is very true and great images are great content, they have many uses and are reusable. A lot of businesses miss this point, the uses of an image are widespread. Online you could use the images in social media posts, advertisements, blog posts and on your website, online you are truly spoilt for choice. offline you could be using the images in brochures and magazines and a whole host of promotional materials. Using images in this way can contribute to a brand image which brings me to...


2. Standing out

Professional photography makes your business stand out especially when used with a great marketing strategy. While stock images are both cheap and easy to source they lack the personal touch. I'm not saying not to use stock images (I use them myself) but having images specifically for your business helps create a brand identity. You can use photography to show your customers what your all about and even the people that make your business tick


3. Telling a story

Having a well written webpage, blog post/article or pamphlet is great. You can put hours into getting everything just right with a body of text that has valuable information and your readers will love it. However we have to face the fact that humans are visual creatures. This is the reason that we prefer to watch a video explaining an issue rather than reading information on a blog post (maybe I should start making videos). Images help to expand and explain the content this is particularly true with complex issues. Having a visual cue can help break up the a big slab of text making it more digestible for your audience. 


4. Trust and professionalism

Having professional images on your website and in your marketing material displays your professionalism to potential customers. people like to see what your all about they like to see the service and products you offer and they want to see them well presented. Think about it this way, if you were going to buy a product online and you saw 2 listings for 2 similar products, one had an image of the product isolated on a clean white background with clear bright lighting and the other had an image taken on someones phone with poor lighting, which product would you buy? This concept is true with business portraits as well customers will trust you and by extention your business more if you have a professional portrait. there is a place for duck face selfies but its not on your business's "about us" page


5.  SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is vital for businesses operating online. Without getting in to the complexities of SEO it is esentially the process of making your website valuable to search engine like google and bing and thereby getting your site to rank on searches. Search engines love content that contains relevant images. The importance of seo can not be understated, having a website that ranks highly on search engine helps drive more traffic giving you more chances to convert those visitors to your site into paying customers 


Professional Photography is a great investment for your business 

Photography is one of the best investments you can make when looking at your marketing strategy.

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